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Construction services are best served with skill, on time and on budget.

Corporate Office and High Tech Tenant Improvements

With two decades and over 1,000 office projects completed, we’re a trusted building partner throughout Seattle and Bellevue. From professional craftsman on-site to project planning, budget management, and flexible scheduling, we work to minimize the impact of the project on ongoing operations, taking steps to make sure even the neighbors are happy with the work. We’ll work with you to understand your goals — and your office’s needs — and deliver a plan and a build that keeps your office, and your budget, moving along.

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Retail, Restaurants and Bars, Food Services and Athletic Facilities

We build dreams — taking your vision and making it a reality. A valuable strategic building partner from the earliest stages, we work with clients to establish a real plan for bringing creativity to life. From materials sourcing and selection to clearing the hurdles that inevitably come when you’re translating an idea into reality, we’re known for a deep bench of reliable vendors, a strong understanding of health code requirements, and a knack for delivering special spaces and buildings that delight.

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Seismic and Historical Renovation

Bringing new life into historic buildings is about celebrating unique architecture, showing care for the intentions of the time, and incorporating new thinking to bring the project into the future. From seismic retrofitting to renovating, spotlighting, and modernizing distinct historic spaces, we keep costs down with schedule control and planning. Whether we’re installing custom steel hardware wall and roof tie downs, parapet bracing, or matching millwork and period doors or windows, our carpentry crews are skilled craftsman with years of experience and a commitment to quality.

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Medical, Dental and Laboratories

From the demanding standards of healthcare requirements to the patient’s experience, we partner with clients to build modern medical facilities that strike a balance between function and form. Both medical staff and patients expect instruments and spaces to work, meet regulations, and be both comfortable and striking, so we collaborate across healthcare and design teams to get it right. And with experience in a wide range of settings — from family medicine to chiropractic, laboratory research to occupational rehabilitation — we’re equipped to build environments for work and care.

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Industrial Construction

Tackling construction in a warehouse requires lots of skill and experience. We offer clients plenty of both in everything from loading docks to fire suppression, office spaces to parking lot striping. Whether it’s controlling climate in large, open spaces, installing overhead doors or forklift charging stations, we’re focused on delivering reliable, high quality industrial building. Industrial projects bring unique demands, and our key business relationships keep project budgets competitive and schedules on track.

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